Portland, Maine Chef's Table Cookbook

A collaboration between author Margaret Hathaway, photographer Karl Schatz and the chefs of Portland, this cookbook gathers up fifty of the city's celebrated restaurants and showcases them with full-color photos of chefs and their creations.  Published in August, 2012, 208 pages, hardcover.

Maine Chef Bob Smith, who passed away in December, 2010, is honored in this cookbook with a photographic memorial.  The photograph captures Bob at work, grilling meat over wildly passionate flames.  Bob was a dear friend of mine and a co-worker in Kennebunkport, Maine. 

The book's jacket describes Portland's restaurant scene as an energetic food community with a sense of camaraderie and purpose. That could describe Bob as well.  A friend to all, his enthusiasm for food had no limits or exceptions.  How it's grown, prepared, served, shared and enjoyed was more than vocation. It was his passion.


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