The Shenanigans of Slim Pickens by Tony Viehmann

Slim Pickens is a naughty young seagull who arrives at the beach every day and is an expert at helping himself to food out of beach bags. The families attempt to teach Slim some beach manners but he outwits them every time.  One day Slim meets a well-mannered gull Daisy and everything changes.  A delightful tale for children with illustrations by the author, Tony Viehmann, a resident of Cape Porpoise, Maine. Soft-cover, 44 pages. 

Tony Viehmann lives on the shore in Cape Porpoise with his wife Nancy and golden retriever, Rosa.  As a retired teach and school counselor, Tony continues teaching children about marine life at local school enrichment programs. He is often seen rowing his peapod around Stage Harbor with Rosa in the bow.

His second book, Tiger, The Monarch Butterfly Who Couldn't Fly, is also available here at Beach Grass.

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