Upcycled Rugged Seas Gear & Apparel

One of Maine's most rugged brands is Rugged Seas, recycling fisherman hauling bibs to create
a stylish line of durable totes, accessories and bib patch hats and beanies.
Their premium-quality hoodies will be your new Get Cozy go-to.
Grab some for the holidays and show your support for Maine's lobstermen and fishermen.
Click here to learn about the Rugged Seas mission.

What is Rugged Seas?

Rugged Seas is an upcycled apparel and gear company founded by a Maine fishing family.

Its mission is to connect you to the fishing industry, not only by enjoying fresh quality seafood but

through durable goods made from donated fisherman hauling bib pants. Rugged Seas Clutches, wallets, tough totes

and patch logo hats are all made from the worn hauling pant fabric donated by fishermen. Premium-

quality Maine hoodies are super soft and warm with the Rugged Seas logo on the front, back and sleeve.

What’s so special about fisherman hauling bib pants?

The bibs are made of heavy polyester coated with a PVC finish to make them 100% waterproof and

abrasion resistant. This fabric has been the gold standard for fisherman hauling bibs since 1954. It is

ocean tough to keep fishermen dry and protect them from sharp fins, rope and other hazards.

It looks like the colors vary and there are blemishes. Why?

Yes, the colors do vary so no two pieces are alike. Since the worn hauling pants are donated by

fisherman, the color will vary. Some have scratches or worn areas that have been buffed out. The slight

imperfection is an honest reminder of the grueling hard work done at sea catching lobsters and fish.

Do these make good gifts?

Yes! Anyone who appreciates upcycling goods into renewed gear and apparel will love Rugged Seas. The

clutches are 100% waterproof and make a trusted carry-all for phone, keys and wallet. The spacious

Seaworthy Totes are made from heavy canvas, reinforced by bib fabric on the bottom and the straps.

All the apparel is premium-quality and the Maine hoodie passes the test for cozy warmth. As for the

patch hats, they’re just plain cool. Rugged Seas gear is an excellent gift choice for all folks.

How does my purchase help fishermen?

Beach Grass of Kennebunkport supports the Maine Lobstermen’s Association and the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association

with a portion-of-proceeds donation. Wear Rugged Seas, enjoy lobster and fresh fish and you’ll be

supporting a whole industry of hardworking folks.

What is upcycling?

Designers have begun to use both industrial textile waste and existing clothing as the base material for creating new fashions. To live a sustainable life, clothing options opposite to the "throw away" attitude encouraged by fast fashion are needed. Upcycling can help with this, as it puts into practice a more circular economy model. A Circular Economy is where resources are used for as long as possible, getting the most value out of them while in use, then restored and repurposed when their use is over.

What’s a bib drop?

Good question. A bib drop is an event where fishermen donate their worn and torn hauling bibs to be

upcycled into new Rugged Seas gear. Beach Grass will host a Bib Drop in Kennebunkport in December.